Thursday, February 26, 2009


This week nuthin to post again so i jz add a footage of my cuz's Pig beggin for food. This vid may be a lil dizzyin...

n...she gets it.

damn fat greedy Pig!!!

hahaz nuthin else better to do d...

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Finally after weeks of idlin...

Fuh done every single hw at last!!! Now oni got time to blog. Haha nuthin much happened for the past few weeks unless u wan me to post things regardin my hw up?

Oh yea the previous poll was a complete failure...ive learnt my lesson. So ive started a new kinda poll. If u dunno who Liz Wong is or wat she did, go google her or read more newspapers. We the gonna-be-Rakyat muz practice our right or thinkin for ourselves for the betterment of the future!!! ( LAN lecturer's fault)

Ermm nuthin much to post d so i will giv u all the pics of the day (wif a small vid..up to u to watch onot)

The Pig eatin cucumber

My bday cake

My bro's masterpiece

N...Boss's dad

Chee Kong performin for the class. Sry senget

Saturday, February 7, 2009


currently im havin some prob tryin to update my blog...kinda busy wif hw. nways i'll try to update it as soon as possible