Saturday, July 11, 2009


craps....intended to put a long long post here...but... I LEFT MY FRIGGIN CONNECTOR IN SUBAANG!!! awww man...cant post the 'sheer' stupidity of my class hahahah

nways since no pics n vids due to tat error. i'll jz talk our new to-be-implied Education system.


y wud they do such a thing... they shud noe the current ed system isn producin anymore high achievers (not thru redistribution of marks) but i see it as undeniably foolish to stop teachin maths n science in english. frankly, they hv oni done this from 2003, u cant expect such a drastic change of achievement in jz a few yrs. things like this require time n patience....

for example, if the 1st batch of students who learnt maths n science in english for spm go to a teaching academy, right now they haven even graduated yet!!!! so they are not givin time for us to produce teachers who are capable of teaching maths n science in english... the situation needs more patience as these teachers require experience in teaching before effective impartion of knowledge.

i bet we are all in agreement that our country isn producin the finest of students wif the brightest of minds... therefore, one of our fightin chances lie in the teachin of maths n science in english!!! as it is the universal language as well.

yes post is vry biased to opposin the cabinet's decision. however, what are they fightin for?


their points (taken from Elynn's blog - )
- its our bahasa kebangsaan

- memartabatkan BM
- to help rural areas (which i agree to this la)
- they have asked many professionals. (YEAH. LOCAL professonials that is)
- because the teachers are not good enough to teach in english.

ok lets start wif the 1st point... teachin maths n science in english DOES NOT put our national language in the drain. in fact, we are pushin our students to be more capable of handling the vast world.

2nd point - honouring our national language... our cabinet wanna help our future generations or wat? we hav enuf subjects in BM already!!! even takin accounts into BM when it provides better exposure to our students if done in english!!!

3rd point - helpin our rural frens. i agree wif elynn bout this one. indeed in rural areas puttin a foreign language will only make them more confused n left out. HOWEVER!!! isn it more practical if we taught M&S in BM for rural areas only? yes, we will make them fall behind. but isn it unfair to hold back the urban students? urban students hv been exposed to english n therefore it seems prudent to allow them to excel further!!!

therefore, my suggestion is to test the rural students in BM while test the urban students in english.

seems biased? well, im sayin it to accomodate EVERYONE. besides, we got lotsa money to make bilingual papers... y dun jz cut the cost to half?

4th point - askin professionals point of view. wat kind of professionals hv been asked? when it comes to askin this, a variety n random professionals must be asked n a large sample size must be taken (nvr learn statistics ar?).

5th point - i explained it above d...nvr giv time to produce a new generation of english teachers after tat void era.

i noe its unbelievably biased but, i hope they realise wat our ed system is established to do which is to :
  • Melahirkan bangsa Malaysia yang taat setia dan bersatupadu.
  • Melahirkan insan yang beriman, berakhlak mulia, berilmu, berketerampilan dan sejahtera.
  • Menyediakan sumber tenaga manusia untuk keperluan kemajuan negara.
  • Memberi peluang-peluang pendidikan kepada semua warganegara Malaysia
the 4th matlamat is not bein fulfilled and if they go on wif the to-be-implemented system, we can forget bout the 3rd matlamat.

i may sound to be against the cabinet's decision, but can we make it better for the future if done in BM? plz tell me how...

Sunday, July 5, 2009


Well im abit lazy durin these past few weeks. Couldn even get myself to blog. Haha. Nways so far all the required piccas are in my handphone n theres a vid so big i need some time to post it up.

My lack of time to post up stuff is oso due to me procrastinatin. All my homework has piled up immensely till breakin point. Im sure abit more n it'll cross a threshold. Haha. Now tryin to clean up the pile. Slowly but definitely reducin. Till tat time.... i dun think i'll be able to post a full-fledged post. HAHA

Kz till nx time then