Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Celebrations!!!

Haha seein tat Christmas is celebrated in more than a day, Im gonna split this post into multiple parts.

Let's start wif

24/12 - Wed - Christmas Eve
Had plans to go to Portugese Settlement. So we were supposed to meet up at ThyeSiang's house to walk/carpool to the settlement at 7pm. Haha had to meet early to avoid jam so I wanted to eat early but dinner was not cooked yet...I settled for a packet of instant noodles. We walked to the settlement from TS's house > KW's > KimChern's > WeiJie's before reachin. The 'rombongan' consisted of TS, Gary, Jared, KW, KimChern, WeiJie & I.

Due to our over-earliness, we arrived at Shaun's house at 8 somethin (he wasn home of course). So we sat at the beachside & talked while washin our eyes. Haha the sea cockroach scared the shit outta him. So we waited, got separated in the crowd, regrouped, waited, got lost again until 10.30pm . Tat was when we finally bought the spray cans & a few moments after someone got it, I received a full blast into my eyes!!!! OUCH MAN!!! Took awhile for the foam to leave my eyes. Damn itchy & blur. Frankly, those sprays arent exactly friendly bcos if sprayed excessively, it can cause chokin, stomach discomfort (unfortunately, I terswallow some), coughin & sneezin. These symptoms were in peak when the clock striked 12am : everybody was wishin (or screamin) MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! to each other while sprayin at obnoxious gas into the air & at random people. Enjoyable but wif side effects. After 12am, we pushed our way thru the crowd & headed for Shaun's house where we caught our breath for air & some water. After tat, we went to a mamak & ate some supper & then I only realised I have lived off a packet of noodles from 7pm to 2am. Haha it was nearly 3am when we finally dispersed. So, I had to sleep over at TS's house.

25/12 - Thu - Christmas Day

I explained the most important events of the day in the 24th. But I finally went home at 11.30am after lepakin at TS's. A few moments later, I had to go out again to my dad's fren's Christmas Lunch Party. WOOHOO the food was simply superb!!! Finally went home & got some good rest.

26/12 - Fri - Still alotta Christmas mood
Shaun invited all of us to his house for a dinner party. Again!!! More delicious food. I think a ate a good amount these days tat I went rounder (Boss & Terrence were so kind to notify me). Thanks Shaun for the food man...I dun mind gettin rounder as long as I get the good food HAHAHAH. So we lepaked at Shaun's until nearly midnight. Among the things we did there :
1. Watched our fellow gang play Fifa 09 as tho it was really happenin (all high d)
2. Bickered bout whether to go midnight movie or buy a DVD & watched usin Shaun's plasma TV. We agreed to the latter & bought Ip Man. But when the disc arrived at Shaun's, some ppl wanted to go to a movie instead... (Geram betul, I used my money to buy tat DVD). So we followed Gary's & TS's cars to DP but some of us needed to do pit stops at their houses. I was in Gary's car wif Jared, Tong & KW. KW had to balik rumah to get the house keys. HAHA his parents muz be furious wif him bcos he had to run outta his house like a prison escapee. We arrived at DP at bout 12am.. so, more of the outin on the 27th.

27/12 - Sat - Crazy Day

We went to GSC & compromised for a movie all of us can watch. So, we settled for 'The Spirit' seein tat KW had already watched 'Yes Man'. I had to buy a cup of coffee to keep me awake!!!

<<< 'The Spirit" Score 2.1/5.0

Y 2.1??? I'll tell u y. This show seems a like a low budget movie wif their inclusion of cartoon-ish scenes, major plot holes & the over repetition of fight, hot girl, fight, hot girl, fight,.... On & on & on. Not tat I dun like the hot girls but I wanna c some character progress. This movie is highly not recommended unless u hav a more open-mind or u're juz there to c some chicks (no nudity for all u sick ppl searchin for tat). I could even sleep for a few minutes!!!

Waste it.
After tat dissappointin movie, we headed for sleep. Since it was already 2am & most of us were too fatigued to drive long distances, we headed for KimChern's house where Tong, Gary, Jared & I slept over. Instead of sleepin, we ended up playin UNO & card games up till 5am. My mind was soo blur I kept losin bcos I was lackin sleep. After the games, we decided it best to sleep. But again deprived of tat luxury bcos we talked until 7am. At least we gained a few knowlege like Tong has a very unique snore & Jared cant sleep at all (he stayed up all day).
Then, I headed home for more sleep at 1.30pm!!! I couldn wake up until dinner...
Whoa another long post!!! If u missed out on anythin, feel free to browse thru the archive.

Goodday to u.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Maths Marathon 08 (picts)

As promised, the picts for the Maths Marathon. Tho it took some time bcos Jared experienced some technical difficulties. Its not much but can la.
The faces after the competition. Behind those smiles r painful memories of super-hard questions.
The guide-the-rod-thru-the-electric-maze I was talkin bout. Fastest I did was 29 secs. Haha somebody beaten me by doin it at 16 secs...I think.
At least I won sumthin. Get to solve the cube at 1min 28secs. Nobody beat me in tat hour but there was some1 who could do it at 1min 16secs!!!!
Kin Wai tryin the minesweeper game
Some picts when we hung out in Sunway Pyramid after the movie.

Jared & me tryin archery.
Tryin to pose...very sakit bcos its so hard to pull back.
This post not much la seein tat the trip was not long or eventful.
Tmr I will post on my Christmas celebrations.

Oh yea!! Stop askin if im a Christian or Catholic!!! Im a Buddhist!!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Long Post : Sunway Lagoon Outing 22/12

Yea I know its a pretty long time ago but I didn have the chance to update my blog. Well, here goes...

Had to get up about 5.45am juz to wake the rest of the group... Dammit man. As if the Maths Marathon wasn tirin enough.

We (Gary, Matthew, Kinn Weng, Thye Siang & I) gathered at Melaka Sentral at about 6.45am & waited for our bus. We saw an unknown bus leavin the station at about 7am but didn care (We tot our bus was a Transnasional bus). But then, we asked the counter "Where is the 7am Transnasional bus to KL?" n she said "Dah pergi...". WAARRGHH!! So we asked her if there is another bus leavin for KL early too. Luckily there was a 7.30am bus BUT we hav to pay an extra RM 7.90 each. (*sighs*)

OK fast forward >>>.

I'd like to do a thorough description of the trip but it'll definitely bore u. So...let the pics do the talkin.

This sight greeted us. (=.=)
So we took pics.
More pics...
While Thye Siang waited in the line for us.
Haha. The shortest gets the tallest position!!
It was so fun squirtin Gary.
Posin under the bridge. KW got phobia of bridges now bcos we always splash him wif water when he’s under one.

Taken by surprise!!!
We took a long time in the Surf Beach until we died…all hanyut
Hotel too cheap to take a bath.
Haha sit under an umbrella which rains inside… The idiocy. TS can bertapa summore.

Pirate’s Revenge: At 1st I paling gian wanna play this. But after the ride I feel soo dizzy I couldn play everythin else properly. Dun ever shout when its upside down…very painful.
Geram betul. Wanted to play this the most ended up closed for the day.
Tarzan wannabees.

One Lil Story at the Log Flume (the snake)

KW : Y so many turbanators wan?
IZ : Haha. I noe u finding for chio bu. Behind got 2.
KW : I noe. Got 1 wif blue Nike top (he can c tho isn wearin specs & didn actually look back!!! Impressive)
IZ : Waa. Can tell me wat type summore.

(Boarded the Log Flume but there were oni 2 of us. So the worker called the line for another 2 fellas. Hahah. The pair of girls wanted to skip the line so they joined us. KW was so happy.)

After the ride
KW : Hey IZ, ur prophecy came true…
IZ : Prophecy? Wat prophecy?
KW : There, the prophecy tat the 2 girls u referred to earlier joined us.
IZ : I mana tau. Lucky la.
(Met the rest.)
TS : Y I folo Matt & Gary???
IZ : Didn noe la…
GL : So. In the dark wat happened? (There was a pretty long period of time where the ride enters a cave & everythin went black.) Expectin baby d.

(Then we kept arguing all the way to the next ride.)


Juz a wooden deco. Behind tat door is the street.

Balik hotel, change clothes & keluar to lepak at Sunway Pyramid.

Took this photo… Aiyak, bad quality…
Haha. I tengah koyak the signboard.

Main at arcade. I like’em guns!!!

We returned to our hotel, Sun Inns. I tell u, its SOO small!! A queen-sized bed only & a lil bit of foot space. Haha. Look at the picts to get a better picture.

tido pun sama pose
see the space? Can hardly walk...
until Gary had to sleep on the floor

The room got lipas wan. KW actually smashed one & put his ‘pillow’ on it & slept on it.

Next morning all wake up so groggy & sleepy. But hav to take early town bus to begin journey to Times Square.

This pic made us miss the 1st bus to KL Sentral… Wait summore.

OK Fast forward summore >>>.

Found a book in Borders, Times Square. It had St. Francis Institution inside.

After more window shoppin & walkin, we took our dunch or linner (whichever as long as its lunch+dinner) at Hartz Chicken Buffet. Whoa!! We were so hungry as our breakfast was mostly Maggi-in-a-cup or a few pieces of bread. Ate as much as we could hav ever eaten.

Gary eat until tak tahan d.
Can gay summore!!!
Waa A wor. Y can find lipas wan?

Then everythin went downhill from here… Haiz… Go walk to Pudu & waited for our return bus home. We even brought a few of our lil frens from the hotel room wif us!!! (cockroaches)

OH YEA & Merry Christmas!!!!

At Times Square
At Sunway Pyramid
Another from Sunway Pyramid
& 1 outside Sunway Pyramid beside a Heineken bar… A tree of beer bottles!!!

Long post. This took some time!!!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Mathematics Marathon 08

As I sed, I went to the Maths Marathon 08 at HELP Institute, Damansara. Fuh, findin the place was really difficult seein tat the college is actually underground (no, seriously)!!!!
I was there together wif my team members Hong Joo n Jared & another team comprisin of Kin Wai, Sivaraj n Kang Sheng . There were about 57 teams altogether from all across the country.

The competition was tough. Many teams came from elite schools or chinese independent schools whose maths was godlike. No chance for us, the simple Malaccans. But I like the part when I was called in to do the Sudoku. All player 2 are to start on 11am but I had 5mins xtra cos Hong Joo finished his maths paper early (the competition is like a relay race). So I started on 10.55am. The Sudoku was not wat I expected...cos it was far easier. Hence, I was able to finish all 3 Sudokus in 10 MINUTES!!! Hehe, the kor-kors n chie-chies there were so surprised to c my hand up 5mins after 11am. They kept lookin at their watches n they showed total disbelief. HAHAHA their faces were priceless. Needless to say, I was able to giv Jared a 25minute head-start wif the IQ Test.

Unfortunately, we werent able to get to the top 8 places cos as I say, our competition were super-great-minds. But at least I didn go back empty handed!! Bcos there were side-competitons at the main lobby (try to be the fastest to solve a minesweeper game, Rubiks cube or tat guidin-a-rod-thru-an-electric-maze-thingy(not sure wats it called)). I was able to solve the Rubiks cube at 1.27minutes & I was awarded the fastest solver in the 1-2pm hour (these competitions was held hourly). N I got myself a mug wif a lion on it....ahahah

<<< The mug i won (Hello! How are you?)

<<< From this pic, any1 wud noe its a chick flick & I shudve known tat oni Brits use the term snog instead of kiss...

Later tat day, after dinner, Jared, Hong Joo n I went to Sunway Pyramid to watch a movie. But cant watch Bolt cos Jared watched it d. So, we settled for a show which I doubt will reach Melaka. The show was Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging. Initially, I was skeptical bcos the title wasn appealin to me (snog instead of kiss??) but I couldn care (juz buy the ticket n watch the friggin show). When it started, oh it was a chick flick (shudve known) & OHHH-SOOOOOO-BRITISH!!!! However, it was funny but the plot was not challengin tho its gud since ive hardly watched any chick flicks. I'll giv it a rating of 3.2/5 (s
ry Jared). The show is pretty open-minded bcos the producers dun bother bout showin a 40+ year old woman wearin thongs (some of u might say so wat? but to me its really disgustin). Tho u can learn a thing or 2 from here like the Kiss Scale or wat nunga-nunga means.

After tat, we had no idea wat to do. So, we went window shoppin n this archery range caught me eye. Me n Jared played while Hong Joo didn want to (didn noe y, he seems to be SMSin the whole day). The picts r comin later cos Jared has not uploaded them into his com yet. W8 for it!!!

So tats it!!! The outin was vry fun & I was able to be aquainted wif Dota players from Kuantan n KL. Tats it for today n w8 for the post on the Sunway Lagoon's outing!!!

Friday, December 19, 2008


Hahaha blogs r fun!!
Check out my Poll!!! Most people wanna put the 1st option...celaka. Nways thx for votin n keep them comin!
Currently nuthin is happenin....but i'll be gone for 2 days to go to the Maths Marathon 08 at HELP University. Gonna do Sudoku' all-time-favourite-time-wastin-mechanism.
Im supposed to do 3 Sudoku's in 30 FREAKIN MINUTES!!!
Hopefully I can get it la then can giv any fren the price scholarship at HELP. (1st place is RM18000 worth of scholarship to do A-levels!!!!) Tho it sounds crazy to giv this thing but I have already enrolled in Taylor's to do SAM... So, even if I win anything it wud be nuthin to me. Haha.

I'll try to get somemore picts cos I hardly end up in front of the camera.. (Sighs)

KKZ tats it for today cos i gotta go badminton!! Wif Mau, TS, Justin n THE SMELLY BOY!!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008


Okay... this is my very 1st time bloggin. Haha juz made after readin other ppl's blogs. Not bad, pretty good place to express... Haha probably juz too bored cos now is the "depression time". Haih... Nothing to do, no plan, no event... Can go insane!!!

Nyways, haha hopefully i have enough energy to even update this blog.
Thx n tats it 4 today!!