Tuesday, July 20, 2010




1. bathe susah
2. walk susah
3. think susah
4. sleep susah
5. eat (really cold food) susah
6. flu susah
7. achoo pun susah
8. mau dapat HD dan WAM 95 pun susah
9. if freeze mampusla

So uncomfortable la... everytime ze cold... so difficult. my hands also kenot escape...



giv me the strength to c 16th Nov...

Sunday, July 18, 2010

2nd Sem

Great... another 4 months out of Malaysia...

1. At this point, Id love to have the exams now. So I can have that feeling of fleeting happiness that Im going back.

2. But, too scared because I know nearly nothing about this sem. So I think I need to study now.

3. But I don't feel like studying due to lazyness.

4. Lazyness is making me have more time to myself.

5. More 'me' time causes me to think of home.

6. Cant because I require the internals as well. So I've to stay in Aus and complete them.

7. So when Im supposed to stay, at this moment I will LOOOOOOOOOVE to have the exams now.

8. Back to 2.

What a vicious cycle...