Saturday, January 31, 2009

Chinese New Year

Wow... 1 entire busy busy week. Cant even find time to update my blog..dammit. Aits, i'll have to divide this post into a day-by-day basis.

25th Jan
Nuthin here. Juz the Chinese New Year Eve's dinner wif the paternal side relatives.

26th Jan
Chinese New Year!!! Still nuthin. Its like eat lunch, sit down n wait, go visitin, go home, sleep.

27th Jan
Totally uneventful day. But at least i was able to secure some photos.

Photo wif my gramma.
Photo wif my blardy cousin (she reads this n im dead).

28th Jan
Nearly as uneventful as the 2 days before but dinner wif the maternal side relatives. Haha. My bro wore his samfu (damn nice wan noe).

' Wong Sifu' takin some soup
29th Jan
Today nuthin oso but at least went visitin frens' houses. 1st destination was thyesiang's. WAHAHA he actually put his room as 'tempat perjudian berlesen'!!
Mau, Kerk, Mike, TS, Jared n I in TS's house.
Movin on, we went to Jared's after that. 1st thing we did, go upstairs n main dota (=.=!).
Then we went to Yi Heng's. Haha he really is BOTAK but after a month grow some hair d.
Haiz, no more happenin stuff.

30th Jan
Time to gear up for my party!!! 1st things 1st, go shoppin but didn get everythin. Tho its my 1st time marinadin steaks. QUITE FUN & SATISFYIN!!! I muz use one sort of hammer n whack the meat (lepaskan geram on meat).
After tat, go cont the house visitin. Went to YH's 1st to say goodbye (go back NS later this day). Then go Desmond's house. Haha gamble summore. Then go back to TS's bcos lazy wan visit d (so tired).

31st Jan (today)
NO way goin out d man. Doin some stuff to make the party as enjoyable as possible.

Tats all guys!!! Nid to get my butt movin.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

1 week hols!!!

Pic of the day...
James's contraceptive pills....
Side effects: excessive acne

Yea...probably the last time i'll actually have a holiday...haha

Nways...been quite a week... CNY spirits soarin high, home-cleanin madness n lotsa shoppin.

Thx to James again, i was able to come back early to Melaka. Im gonna split this post into 2.

23rd Jan
The class pakat-ed to wear all red. But apparently some of them failed to get the news & ended up wearin sumthin other than red. So, we took some photos wif the teachers... Some teachers even brought their own cookies to feed us. HAHA.

Wif Mr Yong (purple shirt), physics lecturer + mentor

Miss Rachel (bein pointed at), ESL lecturer...Chee Kong tengok mana...
Mdm Chow (4th in front row), maths studies lecturer (ada 2 bijik raja)

Mr Woon (dbl peace), spec maths lecturer...HAPPYNESS!!!

Then nuthin much happen juz tat we got no hw!!! So stress free...

Then i reach back home at 7pm.


24th Jan

Stin called Mau, Shan, Terrence, Shaun & I go makan at US Pizza for his bday. He ordered 1 regular & 2 large pizzas. So much but we can finish it all!!! (miracle happened here...). Later we go watch movie (Inkheart). Rated 2.6/5.0...y le? There were no thrills (the plot was pretty obvious) & at a certain point the story bcame fictional even for a fictional story... I wun giv examples in case there're ppl out there who hates spoilers.

After tat proceeded to lepakin around DP. After tat, when we were goin home, i tumpang Shaun's kereta (Shaun drive). Okla better than James's (his wan u wish u were walkin).

OKla tats it for now. Lotsa benda to do. Chiaoz.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Pre-Chinese New Year week.

Pictures of the day...

(On the left, my cousin's guinea pig. On the right, James gettin comfortable wif Pin.)


Oh yeah, man. For all those who're currently out there doin some jobs, at last some labourless money coming your way!!!
Yesterday, me, James, Joachim, Shaun & Justin went to school to visit some of our teachers. Actually, I also went there to give my SPM reference books to the library & return the Solid Edge Books to Ms. Hanim.
So many things happened in such a short time...
1. Ms. Hanim has transferred school bcos her house is so far away. (So had to pass the Solid Edge Books to my grand-aunty to give it to the new teacher in charge.)
2. Pn. Goh Bee Peng is pregnant wif her 3rd/4th child!!! She even said 7 months d (tat makes it bout July/August...durin which we're still studyin under her!! Never noticed at all!!)
3. Mr Ong will be officially retiring from being principal on the 22nd of October (I think).
Wahahaha. Went to go eat lunch afterwards at Classic Kopitiam. Not bad la but its either Shaun's drink & mine were the same OR Carrot Orange Juice & Fresh Orange Juice is the same (didn matter, we juz drank whatever came in front of us).
Later went to the arcade in DP. Played Time Crisis 3 wif Justin (I died very easily whereas Justin got to play all the way to the end...). Whereas James & Joachim tried House of the Dead. Shaun juz played Daytona wif other ppl.

After tat go watch movie (Four Christmases). Not bad show but its a bit short (1h 15mins). Rated 3.7/5.0 (based on a length to satisfaction ratio). Later go lepakin & it all goes down from here.
Okla tats all for today...cant wait for CNY to come (1 WEEK OF HOLIDAYS!!!)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

2nd Poll.

OK some of u hav asked me wat this poll is for???

We gathered
3 (25%) - Half full
1 (8%) - Half empty
8 (66%) - Wat glass?

Alright. This is juz a simple test to how an individual views a situation.
Basically, if u say half-full, u r an optimist & half empty, means u r a pessimist.

The option wat glass was for those who dunno wat this question is.

Wait for the next poll. HEHE (dats rite...its not over, it'll never be over)

2nd Week. Gettin used to it

2nd week in Taylor's...adaptin well. Got some picts at last (So hard to take out camera n snap).

We started goin out to wat we can call 'Bonding' which involves the whole class.

Bonding Part 1. Went to Asia Cafe.

<<< (from right, Sean, Ben, Zeng Yen)

<<< Chi Kong doin his usual 'pose wif the drink' for the cam.

<<< This was where i ordered my chicken noodles. Dun play-play got blog wan noe (i forgot wat it was but seriously...wat to put? new wantans?)

Bonding Part 2. Went to a mamak stall
Aish, this wan fail to get some pics cos too occupied wif interrogatin new guy.
Haha. This time i was so blind...bcos when i got up to pay the bill i terhit the LCD screen right above my head (nearly kena 2nd time summore).

Bonding Part3. Went to some place they call 'Market'
Its called market but there were juz stalls at the sides sellin food. This place has alot of cats (FAT ones too). So far the cheapest place ive been to.

<<<(From left, Kevin, Brian, Sean. On the right, front to back, Alex(class rep), (4got who sat there) n Zeng Yen.

Not much to talk about bcos normally i meet them in class.

This weekend oso comin back to Melaka. This time got purpose wan. HAHAHA.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

1st weekend back from KL

The entire week was terrible. It was so nice to be back in Melaka where everythin is much simpler. Yesterday went out wif frens go lepak in MP. Met Ming Zhe n we disturbed Gary n Matt who're workin (in the middle of the main centre of MP for Digi). We were then joined by Ejynn, Shaun n Kerk. Matt n Gary took an hour off to go makan wif us at the food court.

Later we had to say goodbye to Matt n Gary bcos their work ends at 10pm. The remainin group then went to SurfZone for some games. We played CS for a lil while (suddenly got bored of it) n Starcraft (bad choice, Ejynn was left too long to build some wonderful defence). The game dragged too long tat we all gave up.

Went to DP to disturb Ah Long (KangSheng) at Padini (hes workin at the women's section). We talked to him n kacau the clothes (making him havin to lipat all the baju himself). Was so happy to be outta there (a group of guys in tat section??). Aiya after tat like nuthin d. So we went to Kaizer. Gary wanna kena kill. Food where got nice? A lot of lalat oso. Chicken was tasteless n Shaun had a stomach-ache halfway finishin his food. MingZ thinks Gary said nice bcos he went there wif sum1 else (not gonna say who).

OKla tats it from the outin. But i feel happier than ever. 1 thing i miss most of Melaka is still my frens. Sobs...might have to endure another gruellin week or mayb two....


Friday, January 9, 2009

1st week

Waaa.... lemah man 1st week. So many things to think entire chapters, lotsa howework d summore & wat books to buy (the list dun hv all required books)... So, like school la. except like floatin classes. Not bad tho, new frens, new experience & BETTER TEACHERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahah. Hmm wat else to say summore...oh yea they sed SAM is tough but if its this hard already in the beginnin....habisla me. On top of homework hv to find topic to present to the teacher. Sial man...wat topic to do??? Oh yea, 1st day got HW bout 'myself'. HAHA I juz write 3 lines oni (damn lazy & cant write elaborately nymore).

Currently back in Melaka. Thanks to James's dad for fetchin us back. I was so homesick tat I felt happy to be back in Melaka.

Aits. I'll update more in this blog once im able to get hold of some pics (these essay posts muz bore u. If not U GOTTA BE CRAZY!!!)

Monday, January 5, 2009

1st day

Thx u all for the well-wishes!!! Came to a deer enterin a village sial (the whole place is so confusin tat i think i will need a few days or mayb weeks to be oriented.

OK enough of tat. 1st day yeh...difficult d. Luckily got James & Cher Pin to talk to. All of them there so different way of speakin. Of cos la since i kampung boy... I couldn sleep early nymore (sleep at 1.40am wake up 7.00am). Go orientation half asleep & i cannot hear half of wat they r sayin. Then got separate classes. 1 class about 15 ppl oni (like tuition haha). After orientation, James called me & asked me to go to lunch wif him n Cher Pin. Aiyo cannot follow, got a heavy box of new books & i needed to put them in my aunt's house. I went back to my aunt's house...haha sesat even tho the house was right beside me. Then Chingy called me to go to his party. LAWE!!! Wanna go but cannot..bcos:

1. He dunno how to fetch me (even if wanted to walk to Taylor's for him to fetch me also cannot. My aunt & mentor told me this area not really safe)
2. No transport (my bro put me down & go work d)

Not bad la all-in-all but I woke up wif a huge headache & a stomachache...
Tats all I can remember so far. 1st day is really hectic & my brain wasn really perceivin everythin...

Sunday, January 4, 2009


Feels like goin back to school....whats worse, I'll be livin away from Melaka. Damn...gonna miss a lot of frens. Startin tomoro & Im leavin later today (about after lunch) to Subang (my relative's house to be exact).

Haha, I was able to pack in an hour (more like tuang all my needed clothes into the bag & forcin it shut). Tomoro I might not be able to update my blog on my 1st day into tertiary studies (SAM at Taylor's College) bcos my relative's house is full of computer addicts. Best thing still, I can wear any shirt, any pants, any shoes!!! Not like secondary school & its a good change to get out of that monotony.

Not much to talk about now. Feelin very nervous of course (mayb thats causin some writer's block) & I can feel the butterflies in my stomach so much that I feel like shittin. Haha

OK. Better get myself mentally prepared for whats gonna hit me. Or Im gonna get a culture shock.

Thursday, January 1, 2009


Woohoo!!! The end of the terrible 2008 is here!!! N comes 2009 wif new hopes n dreams!!! Not a bad endin altho it didn end wif a bang for a couple of us...

We began by goin to watch Bedtime Stories wif a large gang of frens. I'll gladly rate the show as a good 4.2/5.0 !!! Its a real funny show (duh Adam Sandler~~) & it didn bore me for one bit.

Went to McD afterwards to eat somethin (bcos didn eat dinner; gather at 6.30)

After tat, we proceeded to Jonker to do countdown...Gave up cos too decided to juz go Shaun's house for a mini countdown party. HAHAHA Jonker to PSettlement??? End up Gary & Hosin hv to fetch the rest of us. Reach there d wow man... the settlement was not lively as it was in Christmas Eve (mayb spent to much energy for Pak Lah). Juz a bit of firecrackers by a few houses. But when the clock struck 12, a huge amount of fireworks erupted from all sides!!!! Eventho there werent many ppl (accordin to wat I heard, more than at Jonker where there is a huger crowd!!!). Then we juz played some games & chatted in Shaun's house (Shaun kena whack by his lil 4 y.o. sis teruk teruk...)

Nuthin much la but at least better than my previous New Year Celebration in the car!!! (Damn)

Haiz...I'll be leavin for Subang soon to begin my tertiary studies...gonna miss my Melakan frens..(*sobs*)...Below r a few picts from New Year's Eve

At Shaun's House

The long walk from Jonker to Mahkota Medical Centre bcos Gary parked his car there...

Goodbye my frens!!! But Im comin back for my dinner bday party on the 30th of January...ALL FRENS R INVITED!!!!!!

OH YEA!!! My 1st poll....hahahahah 17 votes altogether!!!
52% says Im completely an idiot
48% says no
Hmmm tough... OKK vote in my 2nd poll (at least its a bit more serious)