Wednesday, September 23, 2009


After my trials, i couldn't get the motivation nor will to update my blog. HAHAHA. Nways...

After the trials, a few classmates and i went to Sunway Pyramid to celebrate. 1st, we went to Wong Kok for lunch...not too bad lar... Then, we went to bowling, unsurprisingly, i had the lowest points. Then, we went to TGV for G-Force. Not bad show as it was quite cute and the concept of guinea pigs being agents seems new. Although it did give a slight Bolt feeling...probably its just because its from Disney as well.

However, when i came back to Melaka. I watched The Ugly Truth and Up (finally).

The Ugly Truth wasn too bad.. It really is an 18+ show as there are many sexual references and graphic sexual intercourse (REALLY). Then, Up...really worth it although i know..i watched it a little too late.

I also finally went out wif some of my friends in Melaka after a long time. Unfortunately, the prank we wanted to do didn't work. HAHAHA (MingZ was soo worried bout someone he didn't realise what it really was about). Afterwards, went to pool at Jetty. I've rusted. HAHAHA.

BTW... on Sunday... it was the best time i had. Although to the end i got sick....hahaha.

Alright, finally i remember about my poll. Lambo seems to have gained the most votes (OH YEA!). Closely followed by Ferrari, Nissan, BMW & Porsche, Audi and Merc & Honda. Not bad hahahaha.

As for my vid post...errr...might take a while...they are many vids and i hv little tolerance (LAZY).

Have a nice day.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Will Not Be Updated YET

Now with my trials just around the corner, it seems impractical to add my next long post which includes the videos....

Nways, TILL HARI RAYA then...