Sunday, August 16, 2009

Long Post Part 2

YAY!! My HANDPHONE can now transfer the piccas over!!! BOHAHAHAHA time for the fall of some ppl!!!

Let's start wif a piggie!!!

Moving on to the gang...
Startin wif Ben!
Ben, Ben, Ben

Look at his hair...

He n Kuo Toong

He n his lab partner Alex the Class Rep

Our Abu Dhabi boy

Moving on to the others in our gang!!!

Liam being a small kid.

The Darrenator

Chee Kong 'Pork King!'

Kuo Toong

Extra 1 for Chee Kong bcos he missed 9 days of classes due to CheeKong Pox.

Others i didn get to take a pic... Elusive ppl~~

Other classmates/antics.

I didn't realise the similarity initially...

Emo... I think this was after DI2 part 1 (from left: Onigiri, Ben, Alex)

Rui Sheng jz loves to hav a go at Matt

Take 1 of a pic wif no meanin (from top: Daniel, Harry, Hsien Lee, Cavin, Rui Sheng)...
who am i jokin, they're posers!

Take 2 (addition: Jason). Harry is tryin to look regal?

Larger photo... i dunno wat in the world they're doin...

At least this pic i can tell Daniel has an affinity towards crotches.

Matt serious!

The bag is to cover the tower.

A visit to Taman Megah!!! Poor kids...

Kuo Toong entertainin a boy. He cant communicate, has low concentration and
loves to play with a crumpled piece of paper in his hand.

Ah Ho playin wif Kuo Toong's Guitar. KT was soooo scared...
Ah Ho has given Liam his first kiss.

This lil girl loves the sound of music, either song or by instrument. Very sweet
and responsive. She kinda loves to sit on Ben.

Poor lil kids, most of them were abandoned in that home by their own parents. Some parents even registered themselves as relatives instead bcos they do not want to accept their child... How cruel is tat?

N latest pics from the Charity Drive last Wednesday!
I was given the job of making some posters for promotional purposes. So i did!!!

My final draft for all 5 posters.

Ben, Darren n Jason. Darren is with the Main poster

Liam carrying Poster 1

Someone carrying Kuo Toong's Poster 2

Ken carrying Kuo Toong's Poster 1

Apparently i did not get to take a pic of Poster 2. They were so busy walkin about sellin drinks. Thanks to Ben n HL for ur kind help in drawin out the posters, all who helped beautify the posters n add weirder stuff n finally to those who walked around wif the posters sellin our stuff!!! HAHAHA Kuo Toong sold the most!!!

After the drive, we needed to blow some steam off... By seein who lasts longer in iced water!!!


The winner was our RiceBall (Onigiri)!!! Oh yea, Alex placed his head into the water...i dunno y...

Some other pics~~
James n Ren Chia sittin on the floor of a minimart.

A kitten i call Furball cuddlin up in a lil hole n sleepin.

An unlimited restaurant?

HAHAHAH nekkid Shan.

I find this pic amusing.

N this even more...

HAHAHA this time all pics!!! The vids will come a bit later...

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Viruses and Their Mortality Rates. JZ FOR UR INFO

Anthrax - 50-100% - airborne, contact
HIV - variable - sexual
Ebola - 90% - hosts (animals), contact with body fluids
Marburg - 50-90% - contact with body fluids
Avian Flu (Bird Flu) - <100% - hosts
Malaria - N/A - vector (mosquitoes)
Cholera - N/A - waterborne
Yellow Fever - 15- >50% - vector (mosquitoes)
Typhoid Fever - 20% - bad sanitation, insects
SARS - 15% - temporarily airborne, contact
Crimean Congo - 30% - hosts (ticks)

Flu A - currently 0.2% - contact, hosts

A post just as a warning. Viruses are not to be taken lightly.

Sunday, August 2, 2009


Well since that long long post will take a damn damn long time, i might as well cut it into pieces.

Some pics of my classmates...

Haha. Some hiao faces, smoochie faces n the same couple over n over again. HAHA


So now to one of the rare events that happened in my class

Story : Beginning of the year Chee Kong took Darren as his 'apprentice'. Chee Kong is also well known for his self-named KING-of-EVERYTHING and spec maths aptitude. Finally, ONE FINE DAY...during the last 30 mins of spec maths period as Mr Woon was giving back the latest test paper,

CK came back looking dejectedly at his 53 marks, saying he could not pay much time to the other questions as he spent most the time on the minor questions. He looked kinda emo...

THEN... KuoToong told me, what if Darren get higher marks?
As Darren's name get called up to take his paper from Mr Woon, we looked. Mr Woon gave Darren a small pat on the back and muttered some words which is inaudible at my position. Darren came back to his seat lookin peaky and slightly happy look. KuoToong and I quickly asked for his marks... he showed us his paper n....

WOWOWOW!!!! HAHAHA. The apprentice has defeated his PorkKing (CK)!!! HAHAHA. KT n me were so happy laughin away in at that time...

As for me...not so wonderful la my marks. But BENJAMIN the BREAKABLE.... 96 man... like that la... nvr gimme copy~~~

Oh yea my class's vid. HAHA.



The last pic... make me rmb certain things...

Thats right... the tripods of war of the worlds....

Starcraft 2 has its own tripod called the collossus.

ALRIGHT THAT's the 1st part. HAHAHAHA till nx time!