Sunday, July 18, 2010

2nd Sem

Great... another 4 months out of Malaysia...

1. At this point, Id love to have the exams now. So I can have that feeling of fleeting happiness that Im going back.

2. But, too scared because I know nearly nothing about this sem. So I think I need to study now.

3. But I don't feel like studying due to lazyness.

4. Lazyness is making me have more time to myself.

5. More 'me' time causes me to think of home.

6. Cant because I require the internals as well. So I've to stay in Aus and complete them.

7. So when Im supposed to stay, at this moment I will LOOOOOOOOOVE to have the exams now.

8. Back to 2.

What a vicious cycle...

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